Graduates – Get an MBA but don’t sell out to a Madoff

For years there were whispers on Wall Street about Bernard Madoff’s hedge fund. The cynics said the returns were too good, too steady and Madoff’s operation always looked too slim for the tens of billions of dollars it was managing. But given Madoff’s more than four decades of experience as trader and past service as chairman of the Nasdaq stock market, the wealthy kept giving him their money.

Well, it looks like those concerns were right all along now that federal prosecutors have charged the 70-year-old Madoff with securities fraud in what could amount to one of the biggest Wall Street scams ever. Securities regulators, in a civil complaint, say Madoff’s scheme may have cost investors up to $50 billion. At a minimum, it appears the $17 billion Madoff was managing earlier this year may be gone.

The allegations against Madoff describe a classic Ponzi scheme, in which money is taken in from new investors to pay out money to earlier investors. Madoff, authorities allege, even told his sons earlier this week that the hedge fund was nothing more than “a giant Ponzi scheme.’’

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One thought on “Graduates – Get an MBA but don’t sell out to a Madoff

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