Losing or already lost your home? Still Hope!

An Attorney goes to bat for victimized homeowners. But cleaning up after the mortgage mess won’t be easy.

Many consumer advocates such as Maher Soliman say homeowners are right where the think they are stuck in an endless game of non sense with lenders as they try to forestall foreclosure. But that’s not all true.

Soliman say’s get the loan off the lender servicing agents desk and onto the lenders top Attorney. Once you’ve done that there you will differentiate yourself and become a lenders pending worse nightmare said Soliman.

Soliman and nationwide loans or http://www.borrowerhotline who represents some of the hundreds of homeowners from California who are forming a class action lawsuit in federal court.

“The lenders are giving instructions to foreclose”. And so, “it’s like going to war every day,”

But some in the housing market say another victim in the mortgage crisis are the reputable companies who do act in good faith. Soliman say’s wrong. “You were there to profit and you’ll be called upon to pay for any one American who loses their home from a fraud.”

Consumer advocates representing workout solutions are another problem. What workout said Soliman…they do not exist. File a wrongful foreclosure claim and jump on board . . .we know where they are vulnerable and you should too!

Contact http://www.borrowerhotline.com or Maher Soliman at admin@borrowerhotline.com

tel 925-550-1826


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