Specific Stop Bank Foreclosure (Viewer question)

Modifications:Dont waste your time. They do not exist. The terms of the Master agreement  prohibit the lender or  “Companies” from accomplishing a loan modification. The loans must be repurchased before
a servicer can engage in a modification.  They wont so the modification offer is nothing more than running your loan past FHA and documenting compliance with the Governement. M Soliman


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One thought on “Specific Stop Bank Foreclosure (Viewer question)

  1. Mia Barret says:

    I agree; Wells Fargo is offering me a loan modification and instead of lowering the rate they are offering a higher rate when they are not even the mortgage lender and are not the note holder and are not register in My County records and a title conveyance was not registered either.
    I am getting back to them asking for paper work of the original loan and public notice that they are legally able to even offer a “loan modification” when I never had a Loan with them. They purchased the note from New Century but never let me know and never made the purchase public. Please be free to ask any questions if you are getting in the same situation. Do not let a bank take your house. Not a legal advised. But I am in a battle with Wells Fargo for two of my properties.

    In a rental property that I have they threaten me to foreclose but they have not been able to show that they are legal owner of the note and they have postponed
    “the sale” for the 21st of january 2009. I will not let Wells Fargo to take my rental until they can show to a court that they are legally able to foreclosed and if they are I will go to federal court of appeals because I know I do not have a mortgage with wells Fargo.

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