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tstony Message #1

12/20/08 03:48 AM

There is a company that says they “utilize our intimate knowledge of Federal and Consumer Homeowner Laws to help our clients in this housing crisis that is threatening the American Dream.” The company is FedMod7555 Irvine Center Drive Irvine, CA 92618. This company has been given a rating of “F” from the BBB. In times like this too many people are seeking some way of relief. Just be careful. The complaints on BBB have stated the they have been ripped off. BE CAREFUL.
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PrivateExaminerMessage #2
12/22/08 06:27

AM Itmay or may not be totally the company’s fault other than these people should never have gotten into a business they did not understand. THERE ARE NO MODIFICATIONS and we telling people that. The bank has to repurchase your loan first and then replace it. Cash strapped with no business coming in ? Forget it. People need to understand you can fight a foreclosure and seek a rescission for breach. But short sales and modifications for the most part do not exist outside of an application and FHA loan submission.
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motomanual1 Message #3
12/30/08 03:11 AM

Its true. the structure of a real estate trust used to fund a sub prime loan is being revealed as a no fit for HUD & compliance. These poor folks being thrown out if its true. I did not believe at first but….now I do. Seeing is believing. Its a fight to keep your house but more are doing it as these lenders prey on weaker spirits…so I am told! Anyone knonw anything here about subject. You must file a claim. And that’s just it …scams everywhere so careful…but do not accept your fate. But how come the government does not approach the subject and admit it? I know, it would bankrupt the company. Try these site – advice is free and etc etc

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  1. Mia Barret says:

    Thanks for your comments. Yes the government is a stock holder, unveiling this information will bankrupt the whole US. Citizens are involved in this chain of fraud without knowing. I advise every home owner to go to their County and search for records of their property and the ask the bank that they are paying the mortgage to provide with legal documents. Do not be afraid to ask because if they do not send them to you you could use that in court to prove that they do not have them. No legal advice but i am battling one bank for two properties.
    thanks again!!

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