The Treasury Department pumped $125 billion into the country’s largest financial institutions, and it promised another $125 billion — more, if necessary — to recapitalize regional and community banks.

They are vital steps and the global recapitalization of the banking system is the reason. But the job isn’t done and nothing seems to have trickled down to the homeowners….why?

Wake up America – Modifications do not exist. And the capital advances are to supplement the value for the assets these banks are stealing back for securitization deals gone wrong….very very wrong.

California said no more modification help  . . . maybe they could have been a little more honest? They do not exist.

Portraying foreclosure consultants as Crooks, Thieves and Kop Egg Rolls  are a little bit of an obstruction.

Even the bad ones made phone calls and talked to parties who “were not authorized to discuss the loan.” FAS 140-3 friends.  THAT IS THE VIOLATION NEEDED TO ARGUE RELIEF IN COURT MORE THAN ANY OTHER ARGUMENT.

That’s testimony to an “expert witness” to provide counsel AND I will go out, interview and collect the information.

We need to realize – there are no other solutions to a securities deal gone bad. We played by the rules and lost in better times. Now are faced with this?

Look Darwin was nuts, dinosaurs did not exist, the Berlin Wall never came down and do you believe we put a man on the moon? Mr. Andy Kaufman’s gone wrestling, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


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