Only verified documents can be used in a courtroom.

December 1st 2009

Dear Client;

Upon the acquisition of servicing rights, Servicing coordinates with the prior servicer of the mortgage loans to achieve a transfer of servicing   activities with minimal impact to borrowers. The transfer and boarding process involves notifying the borrowers of the servicing transfer, transferring electronic files containing loan set up information and a payment history, if   applicable.  In addition, loan documents are stored either in hard copy or electronically imaged form for future review and reference.

All boarding   activities are regularly reviewed to assure best practices are employed   throughout the boarding process.

Your engagement of our services will provide a litigant some degree of valuable accounting testing and a supreme insider view towards policies and procedures perspective. It’s the resources and detail necessary to uncover the story line of fraud as we will seek to evidence.

Our expert’s testimony includes other scholarly, accounting and legal professionals and provides current media exposure to support your case. Our intent is to significantly impact the proper legal effort if so required and we will be ready to testify as your expert witness.  We will NOT testify in any matter for the Banks as a defendant in a wrongful foreclosure claim.

Please be sure to forward any correspondence received from your lender to us immediately (i.e.: Notice of Default, Notice of Sale, and Unlawful Detainer). These documents may best be retrieved from the county recorder’s office. Only verified documents can be used in a courtroom.

You’re asked to also submit your available documentation, our engagement forms and fee for expert services whenever possible. Please be sure that you open all mail received by your servicing agent, lender etc in a timely manner and forward copies of the correspondence to NLS promptly upon receipt. We personally don’t see any hope of a modification or workout forthcoming. Save your money there. And for the most part, only an attorney can enforce your rights to defend your home. In any event, you need an intelligent reconciliation before you move in any one direction.

Testimony is subject to the rules of evidence and the local courts instructions where they may already exist in an open matter. The engagement is for supporting by testimonial verifiable evidence of the lender and servicing agent’s unwarranted and unlawful activities.

It is also to encourage your selection in lawyers to ratchet up the legal presumption of “unclean hands” against lenders or the lenders attempts to circumvention of your rights.

We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to call me direct with any questions.



Telephone 213-627-2324

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