M Soliman is nationally known as an authority, Expert.Witness and industry insider to the secondary mortgage market and capital markets sector. I have trade and underwritten billions of dollars of whole loan assets set for delivery into a security, served as a in house expert and consultant for counsel in SEC and DOJ criminal matters and served and a analyst for Gehrson Lehman in New York.
There exists a judicial crisis and consumer dilemma facing homeowners as for certain guidelines and rules preventing a modification.
1. The criterion under FAS 140 3 (revised) prohibit foreclosing.
2.The neglected violations under SEC enforcement are criminal
3. Auditor attestation reports will verify non material compliance
4. Servicing under a combination as a lender is tortuous interference
5. Lenders are in vilation if they DO comply with CaCC2923.5
6. The Assets Recovery Program allows FDIC to circumvent
modifications efforts under TARP.
7. Certain plaintiffs causes are known to the defense and compel settlement
8. A lender in bankruptcy has no standing as a secured creditor where not.
9. The only legitimate remedy for the borrower are verifiable by accounting
10. A deed is a security and CDO certs are a security and each separate
consideration and elements of the law exclusive to one another.
As Counsel do you agree that satisfying the judicial elements for causes requires substance for a claim to have merit? Any one cause or count should be borne from the other and continue to flow till the argument for relief is a foregone conclusion.
I speculate the courts are biased in the consumers favor. I hold to this belief from the courts cases I have attended. I was retained by attorneys who never before had appeared in a mortgage or lender conflict suit or contest and will document where they prevailed as a defendants counsel and won with prejudice.
If there is any specter of doubt by a court that is raised by these arguments it will cause the court to have a better understanding for compelling a  TRO and granting injunction relief?
If these arguments have basis they must be heard and may be sufficient to raise doubt for the alternative of other wise conceding to a lenders traditional right to recover.
In short you cannot unscramble an egg and cannot return a blended milk shake to its original form.Follow the cash and apply basis cost accrual accounting to the lenders general ledger and see the process of selling an assets and receiving equities cannot be accomplished.A CDO is NOT debt but a instrument that behaves like  preferred stock. The process is none the less a highly contaminated debt and leveraged buyout in a structured finance apparatus that the FDIC should never ever been involved with. Not just allowed as a regulatory authority but should never have participated in!
Lenders are winning under shield of confusion and by banking on the American way of burying your head in the sand and failing to learn the convoluted sham they require to save a home.

You can prevail leaving the opposition to be resigned to settle under the terms for sealing the decision. If you understand these concepts your only one of a handful of insiders. If you don’t comprehend them I want to talk further about aligning myself with you as counsel and addressing the overwhelming responses I receive from publishing materials and word of mouth. I am not a licensed practitioner and go to great care  to support t counsel and stay out of the way of a lawyer and practicing the law.
Many calls and prospective clients were orphaned by their current counsel or in a stalemate as pro per / pro se.

If you want to avoid these arguments for the option of maintaining the status quo then . . .I understand

If not, can I call you so we can talk?

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