A “Deed for Bond” is Clearly Defined in Civil Code of Procedures

Requirements under mortgage Law
Validity of a Chattel Mortgage Contract
1. Stock certificates issued in formation of a trust and later sold would yield to the certificates “holder” the ownership in the assets the proceeds were used to acquire.
2. Herein the example given would be a “deed for bond” clearly defined in the states civil code of procedures governing a non judicial or the judicial, foreclosure rights.
3. The deed of trust or mortgage that is initially recorded is owned by the certificates holders. The validity of the recorded mortgage speaks unto itself as a perfected lien.
4. The certificates deemed to be “chattel” is in certain instances, made liquid under securities laws.
5. The deed for bond concept is further validated by the state enforced CCP over matter and appropriate jurisdiction.
6. Their value is marked to market, the total amount of the lien on real property and liquidity is Pro Tanto, or to that extent of the law what the bearer of the paper is entitled for like consideration.


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